The Crew




Captain Kolby

Kolby – Captain of the vessel Asunto, excellent at maneuvering a big boat into a small space. Also the fixer of many things and a true Do-It-Yourself-er. With his experience with engines and all things electrical, we have been able fix/repair/replace or upgrade just about anything ourselves. Kolby provides the planning and organizations of most major changes, researching products extensively before purchasing.

Kolby didn’t grow up sailing, but always had a strong affinity to the water. Although he had spent countless hours in and on the water, one of his first experiences sailing was on Kristine’s Laser, during which he proclaimed “We are going so FAST! And it’s SO quiet!” Kolby quickly fell in love with sailing and now hardly a week goes by without him saying ‘I want to go sailing!’

Scuba diving goes well with sailing, and as Kolby is a Dive Master he is often looking for ways to incorporate the two. He often dives on the boats in our marina to change zincs and clean bottoms. After installing an air compressor in the Spring of 2012 he should have many more sailing dive adventures to come.

Skiing also goes well with sailing, in that it is a good way to occupy the winter months until it’s time to go sailing again. Kolby is an avid telemark skier and spends most winter weekends with Kristine searching for powder on Whistler, or in the backcountry.

First Mate/ Galley Wench

Kristine – First Mate, Galley Wench, in charge of keeping the boat ship-shape and sail ready. Also responsible for all jobs in small spaces (which really is most jobs on a sailboat). Kristine is Kolby’s Do-It-Yourself partner in crime. She is surprisingly handy with a jigsaw and knows her way around engines and simple DC electronics. She has also become an expert on Wasbasto/Espar diesel heaters, owing to the fact that they are always installed in small spaces.

Kristine has been on sailing boats since before she could walk. Her parents bought their first sailboat when Kristine was 6 and her absolute favorite memories from childhood are sailing the local islands and Desolation Sound with her family. Sailing has always felt like home to Kristine.

Kolby introduced scuba diving to Kristine in 2006 and since then she has logged over 150 dives. Apparently the underwater world was equally as fascinating as the above water world, even through she doesn’t really like swimming, is terrified of dark water and always freezes underwater!


Fynn and Bowen

Fynn is the best deck hand we have… And Bowen is the newest member of our crew. Sailors¬†already!










We found Kyber at a rescue shelter in Prosser, Washington. When Kristine saw a photo of him she actually skipped work the next day and drove 12 hours to bring him home. It was love at first sight. Only 4 months old when we adopted him, Kyber has lived on boats all his life. To him, this is normal! He isn’t such a huge fan of the sailing part, and finds the whole tilting bit slightly concerning, but he thinks all the island exploring is fantastic. He is the most incredible dog and loved by all who meet him.


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