Rain Rain and Broken Engine Mounts

We left Squirrel Cove in the drizzle and and stopped by the store to check it out. Not much good stuff here either. We ended up with a kiwi, a 1/2 litter of milk (for milk and cookies), some 5 cent candies, a ginger beer and a kinder surprise egg. Now that is a random assortment of items! And I wanted spinach and cashews… Anyway as we were leaving Kolby noticed some intense vibrations as he revved up the engine. Further investigation revealed that one of the aft mounts had sheared the bolt in half. Oh joy of joys. A few phone calls later as we learn that all four should be replaced at the same time and they can be replaced in a few days… at a cost of $275 each.. !$%*#! That is not going to happen. Kolby’s pet peeve is to pay more for a product that he can have built better for less money. SO we will head to Comox to have a bolt welded back on as a temporary fix to get us home.  It has been raining non stop for over 18 hours now… we are just waiting for some sun to come out!


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One Comment on “Rain Rain and Broken Engine Mounts

  1. Ugh, engine mounts rate pretty high on my list of “most annoying boat projects ever” — primarily because of their “align the engine” companion that they always seem to show up with :)

    Any guesses why it broke?

    Love the photos and the updates — looks like you guys are making the most of the sunshine while you can!