Extended Cruising: Not a Vacation

I would believe most non cruisers have an idyllic view of cruising. They picture palm trees, white beaches and endless relaxation and free time. Now we have only been cruising for 53 days (but who’s counting?!) so we are still super new to this world. And we are cruising the Pacific Northwest, so there are no palm trees and only a few white sand beaches, but the one thing I am certain of, no matter where you are, CRUISING IS NOT A VACATION. Therefore I have come to consider it a full time job with excellent perks. Toss a baby into the mix and you will be working overtime. Here are five reasons why cruising is not a vacation:

  1. Maintenance: Unlike your two week summer holiday, extended cruising means ongoing maintenance and repairs to keep things in good working condition. There is no ‘oh well, I can fix that when I’m home in 5 days’. It is fix it now, or fix it tomorrow, but either way you are fixing it while cruising.
  2. Meals: Extended cruising means extended periods without access to grocery stores, so those moments of ‘let’s just grab something easy for dinner’ don’t exist. Meals are prepared from scratch, including baking breads and treats.
  3. Laundry: Ugh! Laundry! Such an chore… and even when we do bring it to a laundry mat, I cringe at the cost.  But the worst is when Fynn pukes up dinner all over her bedding right before bed. Sometimes I dream of washing machines…
  4. Cleaning: Full time cruising seems to equal full time cleaning: Scrubbing the decks, washing the dishes, cleaning the cockpit, sweeping the floors… it is just a constant rotation.
  5. Sleep (or lack there of): Rough night at anchor last night? Didn’t get a full nights sleep? Too bad; see points 1- 4. A full day of work awaits.

However, no matter how hard those moments can be, just being out here, without the pressure of a return date is amazing. So despite the full time hours, here are the perks make cruising all worth while.

  1. Family time: Kolby may hunker down on his computer for a few hours to get some work done, but he is still there for Fynn if she wants a hug or to say hello. And as soon as he is done work he is home! No more commuting!
  2. Exploration: We get to explore new and old places together, everyday.
  3. Living in the moment: Cruising life is about the present. What is happening now usurps anything else. Except of course, when you are planning where to go next!
Time for a break!

Time for a break!