Top 5 Reasons to live on a boat

1) We can afford to live in Vancouver

Moon over Vancouver

By living on a boat we can afford to have the lifestyle we want, while living in the extremely expensive city of Vancouver.

2) We don’t have to shop at Ikea

There is no need to decorate, or update decorations. We both enjoy living in an aesthetically pleasing space, so when we lived in the West End of downtown Vancouver,  we spent alot of time and money making it look nice. We painted the walls, hung pictures, and bought furniture and other knicknacks. But we were also on a student budget so we would shop at Ikea, or other low budget places. All  had in the end is alot of meaningless junk. We gave most of it away for a few hundred bucks when we moved onto the boat. Boat life is simplistic and minimalistic. Not only is their just not space, but things on a sailboat need to be secured to the boat in some way.

We need what we have.

In this day and age, how many people can say that?


Small Living on Georgia Dawn

3) We can live with less

This is especially true if you are careful what you put down your drains, which we are. We always buy phosphate free soap for the dishes and environmentally friendly shampoo/conditioner and soap for the shower. All of the liveaboard boats at Spruce Harbour are connected to the city sewer system, so none of the waste pollutes False Creek.  Also, by living in a smaller space we use less resources, such as electricity and water.

We simply can’t afford to waste space.

Finally, when we go sailing the wind is free,  but when their is no wind sailboats use much less diesel than powerboats.

4) We don’t have to pack to go on vacation

The first time we went on summer vacation on Trickster (or first liveaboard sailboat) it was almost disconcerting NOT to pack a bag.  But we have gotten used to that and it is lovely to have your whole life with you no matter where you go.

We travel with our home.

This type of freedom is enticing and makes one dream of distant horizons and other seas.

5) We can own a beautiful 50′ sailboat in our 20s

Desolation Sound



And we can go sailing. Sailing sailing sailing. Explore nature by water is not only breathtaking, it is incredibly relaxing.

You can’t help but feel at peace.