As you can see from the photo’s below, the interior of Asunto is not like many new boats you will see today. We essentially have wall to wall teak, beautiful curved corners and solid doors.  We also have plenty of open space, which makes a boat so much roomier. After 3 years of living, Read More

Asunto carries a small little 5kva generator on board. Small is a relative term in this case. When we were originally looking at the “Beluga” the generator was listed as an 8kVA unit. This worked out well for us as we were planning on putting in a scuba compressor and liked having the extra, Read More

Although Asunto is a sailboat, she does have an engine. In the world of sailboats, the engine is usually referred to as the auxiliary engine.  This stems from the fact that a sailboat is meant to be sailed, although most boats we see always seem to motoring somewhere… let’s assume this is because of the flukey, Read More

120V: For the 120V side, we have 2 x 30A circuits. Originally, each of the 30A circuits fed an independent electrical panel. One of the panels supplied vital electrical components like the battery charger, inverter, air conditioners, ac pumps, and receptacles for both the port and starboard sides of the boat, while the other, Read More

She's a Sailing Ship!

Asunto – Catalina Morgan 50 Asunto is a Catalina Morgan 50 that was built out of the Catalina Morgan factory in Florida. She started production in 2003 and was completed in 2004 as Hull number 10. She started the first part of her life on the Great Lakes up in Michigan and as far, Read More