Of course for our last night in Alaska… Fynn and Kolby went swimming. Fynn even jumped in twice! Goodbye Glaciers, it has been awesome.

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We still hadn’t been able to get a permit for the bear blind at Anan Bear Sanctuary. Here you can stand in a cabin overlooking the river and watch the bears fish. We had been getting a lot of conflicting information amount getting a permit but the one consistent was to just go and, Read More


We sailed with Yare for three more nights. It hard to part ways as this was both a goodbye to good friends and an acknowledgement of our trip coming to a close. And we have a lot of fun together. One day as we sailed down the Straight our two boats were perfectly matched, Read More

We have seen many whales in SE Alaska, mostly all have been humpbacks. By far the closest have been these two sleepers on the surface. We also enjoyed their more active neighbours.


Another town and another whirlwind! We arrived around 5pm and headed for pizza, afterwards Fynn and Opa reeled in some herring. The first day was devoured by the forestay replacement. Dad was a huge help in the morning, working right up till he left to catch their flight. Then came Tor and Jess and, Read More


Interesting name right? Apparently it was named after a guy entered at slack water then was stuck in the inlet until next slack water, which I guess he found pretty terrifying. Not sure what is so scary here though. Rather it is exceptionally beautiful – as Jess said it is like driving your boat, Read More


The main todo with Gloria and Micheal was Tracy Arm, and it didn’t disappoint. We anchored at Tracy Arm Cove and rafted up with Yare. After cruising together in Mexico and Hawaii it was great to have our first raft up. The kids were so happy to see it other it was a dance party, Read More

It was a whirlwind, dropping  Ken and Tia off at Gustavas, having my stitches removed at the clinic then starting the 60 mile run to Juneau. On route a humpback passed just in front of our bow, then did a massive breach 100 yards off our stern, left a pec fin hanging then was, Read More


We weren’t sure if we would make it to Elfin Cove, a little bay on the outside of Chichagof Island but the weather was so miserable that we figured we might as well motor over as there was little else to do. I am glad that we did, although the highlight was motoring through, Read More


We had five nights in Glacier Bay and 4 of them were in perfect sunshine. Without the last day of low cloud and fog we may not have appreciated the sunshine for the glory that it was! We were welcomed into our first anchorage by a pod of humpbacks lunge feeding at the surface., Read More