Our home afloat is just that, our home, where everyday situations occur. We laugh and cry and fight and make up. We argue about bedtimes and we have dishes to wash and dinners to make. Sometimes these little details end up consuming our days and we forget that we are living these details out, Read More

I have been having an affair. And it’s getting serious. I may even be in love.  Her name is Comox. It started last year and lasted a weeked, but we recently rekindled the romance this weekend.  She has beauty equivalent to yours, Vancouver, but she wins hands down for cruising. She is big enough, Read More

Fynn experiencing her first sail - a good starboard heel!

  I don’t often have a strong response to media. However, the recent events of Rebel Heart and the ensuing comments have really struck a chord. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and outside of the cruising community, they are mostly negative.  Even the CNN newscaster sounded appalled when he announced the daughter’s ages of 1 and 3., Read More


We have a new GoPro (to replace the one that was stolen) and a new kite! And not the kind you would give to your kid. Well unless you wanted them to fly off into the distance….. So connect a camera to the kite and you get K.A.P. – Kite Ariel Photography! Here is, Read More


With the arrival of our daughter Fynn, I can now compare what we thought would happen, to how things actually went. 1) Should we paint the baby room blue or pink? The office/bunk room did become the baby room 1. The desk is a great ready-made change table -true!! 2. It is easier to, Read More

We thought it might be interesting to record some of our baby plans pre-baby and see how they compare to reality with baby. 1) Should we paint the baby room blue or pink? Both of us decided we didn’t want to know if we were having a son or daughter ahead of time, but, Read More

New crew! Coming September 2013

I am the new proud owner of a Sailrite sewing machine! Also known as ‘the never ending list of projects just got longer’. Recently I was working on a regular home seeing machine and remembered how much I enjoyed sewing. Naturally I mention it to Kolby, and tell him we can buy a good, Read More

Yep, it’s been awhile! Between Kristine spending 6 weeks In Sri Lanka on a clinical placement and all the spring boat chores, we have been very busy. Time to update the blogs!

We have recently acquired a new crew mate, well two technically. When Kristine’s brother found himself without place to live, we took him in, not a problem with Asunto’s large spare room. More interestingly he came with a bearded lizard named Petrie. We like the lizard just fine; he lives in a terrarium in, Read More