Time for the lee cloth

The munchkin is on the move! The lee cloth has been installed on her bed, turning it into a safe place to play!




‘Boat Life’ Excerpt from living on Trickster 2008

I found this excerpt titled “Boat Life” and thought I would share it. A little taste of living on an old boat on the river.
November 17, 2008
Tonight was a quiet night- the water line did not burst and flood the bilges- there were no wires to short out and melt the bilge pump switch – cats (to my knowledge) did not fall in the river – boiling hot water hoses filled with coolant did not explode and I was not covered with hot sticky antifreeze – no light panels mysteriously came unglued and fell upon my head – the boat is actually warm – I haven’t seen a snake inside instead – I have propane to cook with – no dead, half eaten, mice around -yep things are looking up. Funny to hear that all the above mentioned things have happened and probably within the last two weeks! Funny for you that is!! But don’t get me wrong, boat life isn’t all bad!
November 18, 2008
Spoke too soon. Far too soon. It’s a Thursday. I am supposed to be meeting Becca – we have been trying to get together for months. At this point I think we may be jinxed. But that is neither here nor there. My spidey senses must have been tingling tonight though. Or I was just bored at work… instead of going straight to see Becca I left a bit early to come home first – you know check up on the cats. I open the hatch – that’s funny, I think, the moon is reflecting off the floors (it was a very bright moon). Hmmmm I didn’t think the floors could be that shiny; but there is no way there could be that much water in there – or could there be?
…lights on…shit…. fumbling for rain boots -floating in water
Pull on boots…swish though water… taste it- definitely fresh…
Shaking…water coming in over tops of boots…running out to turn off tap
Call Kolby ‘come home NOW’…buckets, buckets, buckets… is the water going down?…it’s not river water is it?…no, no it’s going down. Bend, scoop, dump. Bend, scoop, dump…bend, scoop dump… repeated about 100x.

Everything below knee level was wet. All the food was ruined. Everything in the lockers had to be removed and dried. Somehow our new beautiful floors are o.k.. 4 hours later we finish. Exhausted we ran away to Dairy Queen for some soul warming calories.

Christmas has come early!

My shipment from Defender has finally come in!

I have been working on a bulk order with Defender.com since the summer. Our order was over $5000 so we qualified for their “outfitting” program where they quote you on your order item by item and then give you a better discount than even their lowest online price. All in all we ended up saving an additional 12% off their advertised online prices which for the most part I have found to be very competitive.

The order filled the entire back section of the car with the new whisker pole and track strapped to the roof.

I’d say I’ll have enough projects to keep me busy until the spring, what do you think?



Another Sighting – Our very first boat.

The other night I was at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (RVYC) and I saw this painting


This was hanging on the wall just outside of the main banquet room. Rapid was our very first boat before we totally rebuilt her and renamed her Trickster. She was a great boat to sail as she came from a racing pedigree.

How things have changed from that first boat to our current boat.

Can’t say I’d change a thing!


So we thought the silicone to the outside and inside would be enough to stop the water from coming in.

Nope. This is one persistent leak!

Check out the video- the water is actually forcing its way in, UP through the silicone!

Our first post

Well here it is. Our first post, our third boat.

Asunto is our third boat, and by far the largest to date. More about our previous boats in the posts to come.

Hopefully this website will become a repository for information about our boat and our sailing. Please check back for more progress.