and why it need to be replaced


It hasn’t quite been all boat jobs and laundry and groceries and cleaning… We have had time to visit the Sitka National Forest, where Fynn became a junior ranger! We also have walked the town, which is full of cute shops and fishing things!  We took in the local Tginglit dance show and search, Read More


Since we have landed in Sitka it has been non stop repairs to get Asunto ready to go.  Here is a quick list of what we have been up to: 1) replaced the engine alternator 2) installed a new regulator to replace the 20 year one one which had failed 3) installed a secondary, Read More

I’m really starting to get self conscious about posting about all the things that are going wrong on board but here we go… Last night on my 9pm – 12am shift I was hand steering as we were wing on wing and accidentally back winded the main and before I could get things sorted out we, Read More

A pretty uneventful day especially for what we’ve had over the past couple of days.  The winds petered out about 3 amand we ended up motoring until noon. I am still running on the main tanks with 170 L in jerry cans we can top up if need be. I figure we will run as, Read More


  Dec 22 – San Evaristo was a dirty sprawling disheveled town. Garbage was strewn in the bushes, dogs roamed the grounds and chicken pecked in the dirt. They have road access to La Paz, where they go for everything they need, but in town there are no amenities. One family runs a small, Read More


We found out that there was a really bad fire in our townhouse complex. Our unit wasn’t burnt, but half the building is gone, so we really don’t know what is happening next. It is hard being disconnected when big life events happen. We had also put a lot of our stuff into the, Read More

Arriving in Ensenada

We made it! Yippee, well to Mexico at least. There is still a long Baja Coast ahead of us but at least we have fulfilled the goal of sailing to Mexico. Kolby asked me if I really thought we would make it, when we talked of sailing away so many years ago. Honestly, I, Read More

I have been having an affair. And it’s getting serious. I may even be in love.  Her name is Comox. It started last year and lasted a weeked, but we recently rekindled the romance this weekend.  She has beauty equivalent to yours, Vancouver, but she wins hands down for cruising. She is big enough, Read More


Desolation Sound has been a part of my summers since I was a little girl. The peaks and winding inlets are familiar, often triggering old memories. Like leaping from our little sailboat on a smoking hot summer day, or collecting mussels off the cliffs on the way to Walsh Cove.     Desolation is classic., Read More