Dec 22 – San Evaristo was a dirty sprawling disheveled town. Garbage was strewn in the bushes, dogs roamed the grounds and chicken pecked in the dirt. They have road access to La Paz, where they go for everything they need, but in town there are no amenities. One family runs a small, Read More


We found out that there was a really bad fire in our townhouse complex. Our unit wasn’t burnt, but half the building is gone, so we really don’t know what is happening next. It is hard being disconnected when big life events happen. We had also put a lot of our stuff into the, Read More

Arriving in Ensenada

We made it! Yippee, well to Mexico at least. There is still a long Baja Coast ahead of us but at least we have fulfilled the goal of sailing to Mexico. Kolby asked me if I really thought we would make it, when we talked of sailing away so many years ago. Honestly, I, Read More

I have been having an affair. And it’s getting serious. I may even be in love.  Her name is Comox. It started last year and lasted a weeked, but we recently rekindled the romance this weekend.  She has beauty equivalent to yours, Vancouver, but she wins hands down for cruising. She is big enough, Read More


Desolation Sound has been a part of my summers since I was a little girl. The peaks and winding inlets are familiar, often triggering old memories. Like leaping from our little sailboat on a smoking hot summer day, or collecting mussels off the cliffs on the way to Walsh Cove.     Desolation is classic., Read More


After the long haul up the coast we have a arrived in Desolation Sound. And by long haul I mean 100 nm over two days – not record breaking but far enough.     We have taken in the splendor and the sunshine and swam in the lakes. We have also perfected the stern tie,, Read More


Ever wonder what the view looks like from the tallest mast in Spruce Harbour Marina? Pretty nice!

The munchkin is on the move! The lee cloth has been installed on her bed, turning it into a safe place to play!

I found this excerpt titled “Boat Life” and thought I would share it. A little taste of living on an old boat on the river. November 17, 2008 Tonight was a quiet night- the water line did not burst and flood the bilges- there were no wires to short out and melt the bilge, Read More

My shipment from Defender has finally come in! I have been working on a bulk order with Defender.com since the summer. Our order was over $5000 so we qualified for their “outfitting” program where they quote you on your order item by item and then give you a better discount than even their lowest, Read More