As you can see from the photo’s below, the interior of Asunto is not like many new boats you will see today. We essentially have wall to wall teak, beautiful curved corners and solid doors.  We also have plenty of open space, which makes a boat so much roomier. After 3 years of living on little 35′ sailboats, we consider it a privaledge to be able to pass each other without one person climbing out of the way. The space also makes Asunto more comfortable to have friends and family over.

Asunto also has a bathtub! This (plus the open floor space) were the two main reasons we fell in love with her. She also has two staterooms and a third room that doubles as an office or bunk beds and enough space to raise future kids aboard.

When we were looking for a boat, we had plenty of must haves, must not haves and would be nice to have. However, the main one was interior layout, as we would be living on her year round, but sailing performance and a solid build were not far behind. With Asunto we got all three!

The pictures below show the boat as it was when we purchased her in Feb. 2011. Please check out our blog posts as we upgrade her systems and complete some minor repairs. As with any boat, you never seen to finish the TO DO list, it only gets longer.