We planned to leave the docks last night but when Kolby came home at 11 pm we were just too tired. And we had been going non stop for the last five days. 

We woke up to a glorious sunny day and puttered over to the fuel dock. 
We waited for the office to open amongst the other fish boats. I bet it is safe to say that everyone fishes in Sitka. 
We motored swirly with the tide pushing us along through Peril Straight and slowed down to trawl for a salmon for the last hour before our anchorage. No luck.  We tucked into the little bay and explored the beach (after we had sent out a few blasts on the air horn to signal our arrival to any bears in the area). The eastern corner was picturesque with a little stream running though a meadow. As the sun beat down on our backs we stripped off layer and collected a bucket of blueberries. Fynn loved it. Stomping around in her boots with her tee shirt off she looked like quite the west coast girl. 
Kolby and Fynn headed out to jig for a rockfish for dinner while Bowen and I started on the roasted potatoes. Kolby clipped the painter on to the last piece of kelp and the wind pushed him 10 feet back of the kelp bed. When they came racing back 40 minutes later I assumed Fynn had enough of it and they were fish less and it would be salad for dinner. Nope! Two good sized fish in a matter of minutes. I went to work madly filleting as hungry kids protested in the background. Fynn literally ate half her dinner before falling asleep in her seat, her head on Kolby’s shoulder. With both kids asleep before eight we enjoyed the sun on the foredeck (while wearing our down jackets) before tackling the huge mess of the boat. What a day! 
It feels good to be here. The familiarity is comforting and it is surprisingly nice to feel chilly. Living in the tropics was exhausting and sweaty! The long days are amazing too, but they are a bit confusing- 6 pm is a bright as 2 pm and it is really only darkish for 4 hours from 12-4.  Although I am starting to adapt to that too!
It hasn’t quite been all boat jobs and laundry and groceries and cleaning…
We have had time to visit the Sitka National Forest, where Fynn became a junior ranger! We also have walked the town, which is full of cute shops and fishing things!  We took in the local Tginglit dance show and search out salmon berries. Sitka is a lovely small town, and the cloudy rainy weather doesn’t dimish it’s appeal but somehow adds to it. It shard to leave but leave we must. 


Since we have landed in Sitka it has been non stop repairs to get Asunto ready to go.  Here is a quick list of what we have been up to:

1) replaced the engine alternator
2) installed a new regulator to replace the 20 year one one which had failed
3) installed a secondary water pump for the hydraulic diesel heater as the primary pump is failing 
4) built a new bracket to install a replacement autopilot (used, purchased off eBay for $500) which had a different footprint
5) cleaned and reorganized the boat after a very wet passage
6) went up the mast to retrieve the failed wind instrument
Sadly it was more bad news at the top of the mast. When Kolby returned to the deck he asked me if I wanted the bad news or the bad news…. Never a good sign. Simply put the forestay has started to separate from the XXX. Frankly this news was somewhat terrifying for us as we reflected on what might have happened had the forestay come down. It is possible that she may have demasted…. And to think they had been sailing the entire way on the Genoa. We both feel incredibly grateful that she made it safely to Sitka. So for now there is no sailing this ship as we deliberate on how to make these repairs.