I have been having an affair. And it’s getting serious. I may even be in love. 

Her name is Comox. It started last year and lasted a weeked, but we recently rekindled the romance this weekend.  She has beauty equivalent to yours, Vancouver, but she wins hands down for cruising. She is big enough to have what is needed but not too big. Perhaps we should stay.  




Desolation Sound has been a part of my summers since I was a little girl. The peaks and winding inlets are familiar, often triggering old memories. Like leaping from our little sailboat on a smoking hot summer day, or collecting mussels off the cliffs on the way to Walsh Cove. 


Desolation is classic. It doesn’t matter if you have been here once or one hundred times, the beauty will hit you like a slap in the face, leaving you bug eyed and slack jawed. 


After the long haul up the coast we have a arrived in Desolation Sound. And by long haul I mean 100 nm over two days – not record breaking but far enough. 

Dropping rocks off cliffs

We have taken in the splendor and the sunshine and swam in the lakes. We have also perfected the stern tie, finally. A perfect family vacation. 

Paddling on Black Lake

Fynn decides to sunbathe


Classic Deso