Vancouver is the largest city we have been in for the last year. Coming home in many ways has been great – just seeing familiar faces and reconnecting with friends and family has been awesome. But in other ways it is a bit tricky trying to get back in the groove of finding jobs and digging our roots firmly into the ground…. well at least for a few more years until we can sail away again!

We made it home, which in itself was hard enough


Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Just saw that on a sticker the other day at it stuck. Yes it is sad that this remarkable year is coming to close, and like anything good we wish it could go on forever. However something about the clear start and end points of any great adventure make it feel that much more treasured. At this point we feel torn about going back to Vancouver. The city will feel pretty big and we have literally been living outside for the last year so there will be a bit of adjusting to do. On the other hand the boat is feeling pretty damp and just about everything needs to be washed, so logistically being tied up to a dock for more than one night sounds pretty good. Like a magnet I can quickly alternate from being repelled or attracted to the city.

Asunto also needs some TLC. We have tried our best to keep her looking pretty but she is showing her age just a bit. She needs a good cut polish and new bottom paint outside and some varnish and elbow grease inside. Our plan is to work through the spaces, one room at a time and fix/replace and renew as needed.