Ok here is the truth. This is this first time I have done my full night shift in a long while. And to make it worse I only have one shift- from 8-10. This is intentional as I a pretty occupied taking care of Fynn during the day and don’t have a lot of opportunity to catch up on sleep. So let’s review my last three shifts:

  1. I didn’t even do the last one. I fell asleep at 7:30 and woke up at 9 (of course with Kolby’s blessing as I was toast)
  2. I only did have my watch the time before that as Kolby volunteered to start at 9
  3. The time before that I fell asleep on watch. I had set my timer for 15 minutes and dozed off, only to wake up 40 minutes later to realize my alarm had been set to silent.

This time it looks like I will make it through- but the real point here is what a super awesome captain my hubby is. I will have to remember I wrote this when I’m going a little crazy.

I’m not sure which day was more exciting. The day Fynn was born or the day she became a fish. We are in San Juanico, a small town centered around gringo hill. The American influence is apparent here- trees planted in yards, english signs and people playing in the water on SUPs, kayaks and surfboards. A true collision of small Mexican town with Cali surf town.
There is a little beach here, tucked under some bluffs that make is difficult to access from shore. A perfect place to spend the day.

P1020252 P1020257
There was no transition. Last beach day Fynn was nervous around the waves then suddenly she is laying on her tummy laughing as they wash over her. She is body surfing them in, not minding when she she comes up spitting out salt water. She is walking in chest deep and practicing her ‘swimming’. Fynn’s current version of swimming is walking in chest deep in water but using her arms like the breast stroke. It’s priceless really. She has become a little fish.

We found out that there was a really bad fire in our townhouse complex. Our unit wasn’t burnt, but half the building is gone, so we really don’t know what is happening next. It is hard being disconnected when big life events happen. We had also put a lot of our stuff into the storage unit there and it sounds like most of it will be ruined. It was also our investment and source of rental income. These things are only money but that feels more important now when we aren’t making an income. I haven’t completely processed how I feel yet. I am sad yet grateful no one was hurt. I can’t imagine how it feels to have your house burn down, or your home sink at sea. Asunto is so much more than a boat –she is our safe haven and almost part of the family; an extension of who we are and what we do. I had a hard time on watch last night and had to focus on my book to stop my mind from wandering into places I didn’t want to entertain; like being in a life raft at sea or being struck by lightening (it was stormy on the horizon again).