Asunto dropped anchor outside Honolulu harbour at 4:15 am local time. Passage complete!

We are getting down to the nitty gritty at this point. Just at noon today we were able to zoom in enough on the chart plotter to actually see some depth contours! We also heard some radio chatter this morning as we approach Molokai and Oahu Islands. 

Since we have been running down wind with just the main the last couple of days the boat has been more rolly than any of us would have liked. It’s hard to sleep, eat and do just about anything on board. 

We are 60 miles away from our waypoint at the islands and then have another  40 odd miles to get into Honolulu.

I’ve started cleaning out the fridge and freezer so we won’t have any fruits or vegetables on board when we get to the Ali Wai yacht harbour and I’ve started my list of stuff to get done before we leave the boat. 

Tick tock tick tock

Position update at 1200 local time April 12, 2016:
21 28.013 N
156 06.189W
161nautical mile noon to noon run
101 nautical miles to destination
7.6 Kt. SOG
254 COG

I’m really starting to get self conscious about posting about all the things that are going wrong on board but here we go…

Last night on my 9pm – 12am shift I was hand steering as we were wing on wing and accidentally back winded the main and before I could get things sorted out we had blown off the vang again. This time the machine screws had pulled out whereas last time they had sheared out so I guess my fix wasn’t as good as I had thought.

Unfortunately it gets worse. With all hands on deck to remove the vang we managed to back wind the Genoa and with the increased winds we actually folded the whisker pole in half. We have one of those Forespar telescoping poles and on my initial inspection it looks as if it folded where the inner tube was still inside the outer tube as the pole was only extended about 3 feet. 

I got out on deck and removed the vang, lashed down the pole, finished my shift and went below, however I didn’t sleep instead I had a fitful rest as every bang and clank I heard I thought something else was going to break. 

As per usual in the light of day things were better (everything was still badly broken) but I got us back on course and running dead down wind on our main only. Jean rigged up a temp vang to the mid ship cleat and we have the sail lashed over to port as we make 7 plus knots straight to our waypoint. 

Honolulu here we come!

Position update at 1200 local time April 11, 2016:
21 45.619 N
153 11.953 W
151 nautical mile noon to noon run
218 nautical miles to destination
7.5 Kt. SOG
270 COG